AdEx Will Offer Another 1 Million Ad Spaces on easyJet’s Boarding Passes via Blockchain Auction – CoinSpeaker


Decentralized advertising network AdEx and travel media company Ink will continue blockchain-based auction for ad spaces on easyJet boarding passes.

Recently, a decentralized advertising network AdEx in partnership with travel media company Ink has successfully conducted world’s first blockchain-based auction for 1 million ad spaces on easyJet‘s boarding passes. Now Ink and AdEx are preparing the second auction and will offer 1 million more ad spaces in December 2017.

“This is a giant step for us as it bridges travel media, advertising and blockchain to offer advertisers even more opportunities for reaching their desired target audiences,” said CEO of AdEx Ivo Georgiev.

AdEx project aims to build a decentralized advertising network utilizing its native token ADX and distributed ledger to facilitate transparent value exchange and achieve optimal pricing of ad inventory. Partnership with Ink has given AdEx access to a vast network of airlines, such as easyJet with its 802 routes in 31 countries, numerous rail companies and other travel-related businesses all over the world.

“We are pleased to be working with AdEx to deliver advertisers such a targeted medium and to be involved in this media first”, added Simon Leslie, CEO of Ink.

The second blockchain auction held by AdEx will take place in December 2017. Together with Ink the platform will offer 1 million more ad spaces on easyJet’s boarding tickets. Access to the second auction will be given on invitation-only basis. The companies willing to participate are entitled to contact AdEx team at [email protected] Detailed information about the auction and participation terms will soon be released on AdEx official blog.

Among other news, AdEx has recently announced partnership with China-based project NEO aimed on building an independent blockchain infrastructure for smart contracts, DApps and digital assets. The announcement was followed by a significant uptrend in ADX token price from $0.35 to $1.92. At the moment of writing this post, ADX token price was around $1.28.


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