An Introduction to The Pursuance Project – The Cryptosphere

Is your life or liberty at risk, merely because you report the truth? Because you are in contact with those who seek to change the world, whose lives are also at risk? According to Human Rights Watch, the answer is yes, and sadly, the risk is not limited to distant dictatorships, but exists even in so-called “bastions of freedom” like Canada and the US. Earlier this week an American congressman introduced the “Unmasking ANTIFA Act” which would criminalize protests and speech against the government.

That is why National Magazine Award-winning journalist and digital rights activist Barrett Brown has created The Pursuance Project, an ambitious suite of interconnected tools for creating, assigning, tracking, and (optionally) publicizing team efforts, all protected by military-grade end-to-end zero-knowledge encryption. Simply put, it offers virtual conference rooms, calls, video, text, project management, all in as safe a digital environment as humans…


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