BeeChat Messenger App Launches In South Korea


China’s popular blockchain-based messenger app recently launched a Korean version.

The Korean Herald reported Tuesday that BeeChat has launched a Korean version of its blockchain-based messenger app.

Currently available in 30 languages, the Dapp allows users to “join active private chats, private and public groups, and discussions that serve not only the cryptocurrency community but also the wider community at large,” as well as exchange cryptocurrencies and play games.

Up to 30,000 people can participate in a single chat group. In an age of digital regulation and data rights, a blockchain-based messenger service such as BeeChat could protect users’ personal information. However, it’s important to note that the Dapp uses “proprietary distributed technology with [private] servers implemented around the world.”

Furthermore, individuals can discuss and exchange cryptocurrencies within the Dapp’s infrastructure. BeeChat’s built-in wallet feature supports 12 cryptocurrencies, and the BeeChat team “is continuously working to add more currencies to its repository to support the wide spectrum of currencies in circulation.” The development team hopes the wallet will attract cryptocurrency traders to the platform, even if they wouldn’t otherwise be interested in the chat features alone.

The Dapp is also integrated with CryptoPuppies, a digital collectibles game similar to CryptoKitties. CryptoPuppies operates on the Ethereum blockchain but is compatible with QTUM, BeeChat’s underlying platform. The game is meant to familiarize users with the technology and processes behind blockchain and EDCCs.

The crypto messenger Dapp currently has an audience of 10 million registered users, and BeeChat’s expansion into the Korean market could help the platform grow in unexpected ways.

The platform’s Seoul launch party is scheduled for Saturday, June 30.

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