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Press release came forward today with an industry leading bitcoin and cryptocurrency mixer service featuring complete anonymization of transactions and low service fees. The protection of client anonymity is the top priority at and to that end they are the only Bitcoin mixer service offering total security for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. Watch this fascinating short video about the basic principles of the BestMixer work:



Bitcoin and the ever-expanding cryptocurrency asset class represent a thriving market and revolution in the way value is transacted. Blockchain, the technology which underpins cryptocurrency, is an immutable and trustful ledger of ongoing events, making all transactions public. Because all transactions are attached to the wallets that send and receive bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the anonymity of such transactions is shallow at best, creating a sea of easy targets for cybercriminals and surveillance.


“ disguises where your coins have come from, making it impossible to study your digital track,” say the BestMixer team in their Wiki. “On a global scale, to maintain the best level of anonymity, you need to mix your coins every time you are going to send or get them from a new source.”


Coins are deposited into a reserve containing the coins of other depositors and then tumbled, resulting in a break between the sending and receiving addresses and mixed, untraceable coins. Importantly, the bitcoin tumbler offers three reserves (Alpha, Beta, and Gamma) for mixing, each providing a different source for mixed coins. The Gamma Pool, for instance, is restricted to’s private reserve and investor coins, meaning coins mixed using this pool feature anonymization plus the guarantee of a reliable source.


The ramifications for privacy-oriented cryptocurrency users are undeniable as bad actors using identifying data to target and surveil wallets are effectively shut out. Until now, the majority of bitcoin mixer services fell short of their promises to provide total anonymity to users.


“The comparative analysis of most mixers in the market today obviously showed that all of them, except for a few, are exactly the same,” said the team in a recent announcement. “And do they give anonymity to the cryptocurrency that they promise? The answer is negative!”


Adding to the already long list of features offered by bitcoin mixer, several languages are supported including English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and German. The team has recently improved its support system, modified the Mixing Strength Meter, which is a crucial feature, enhanced the Q&A section and the randomization of miners’ fees, among other functions. New modules and improvements are under way. Tor-friendliness means users concerned with end-to-end privacy will find the experience intuitive and seamless.













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