Bitcoin & Dash price analysis – Mark Dukas

By contributor Mark Dukas

Written on 11/30

Bitcoins price pumped $5,000 over the past few weeks and currently trading at $9,790 as of 2pm EST on Coinbase exchange. The top came in at $11,485. There was a plethora of positive news Bitcoin over the recent weeks and that created the most FOMO (fear of missing out) we have ever seen.

 Support came in on November 13th at $5,511 with a 105% increase to current price resistance at $11.485. Newer investors see the 20% price drop from the high as trouble however seasoned swing traders see the 100% gain and understand we are in the bullish phase.

The move down should be viewed as a healthy pull back in an uptrend. For those who are intermediate traders the volatility at $10,000 is alright.


The best performing alt coin has been Dash with price support sitting at $309. Dash has returned 163% since November 8th. Volume has confirmed this move and on November 28th higher prices are kicked in with buyers continuing to step in on any move down. Resistance sits at $818.64 with price and volume aggressively moving towards more all-time highs.

If resistance is taken out based on trend analysis there is nothing stopping Dash from hitting the nice round number of $1,000.

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