‘Bitcoin For Any Party’ Channels Warhol, Demonstrates The Ideological Diversity Of Crypto


November 16, 2018 10:02 PM

The art series shows the “selling points” of bitcoin for six different political viewpoints.

A new project from cryptocurrency artist and propagandist Hodl Crypto called “Bitcoin for Any Party” takes inspiration from Andy Warhol’s famous work “Campbell’s Soup Cans.” The series features six bitcoin soup labels detailing qualities of the coin that six separate ideological groups and/or political parties – Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, crypto anarchists, social justice supporters, and the alt-right – would find appealing.

"Bitcoin for Any Party," Hodl Crypto, 2018
“Bitcoin for Any Party,” Hodl Crypto, 2018

The artwork focuses on the ideological commodity that bitcoin represents rather than its monetary value. Hodl Crypto calls the descriptions plastered on the cans “selling points,” as the series attempts to “sell” the concept of bitcoin to six different groups. For example, the Republican can highlights the free-market nature of bitcoin, whereas the social justice can proclaims, in rainbow lettering, “[Bitcoin] works for all humans no matter what.”

Although the artwork is visually interesting itself, the series serves a greater educational purpose. By appropriating the likeness of a famous work of art, “Bitcoin for Any Party” adds a layer of commercial appeal to intrigue viewers who may not be that familiar with the cryptospace or who are interested in learning more about it. The amusement the cans initially elicit may lead to deep, productive conversations about the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology more generally.

Further, the project marries the digital nature of crypto with the ethos of reproducibility that Warhol espoused throughout his life. Hodl Crypto is selling pins and limited-edition canvases of the artwork, much like how Warhol commercialized his work. Not only that, but the art series exists digitally for viewers to enjoy without having to purchase a print. “Bitcoin for Any Party” lies at a cultural intersection, further bringing art enthusiasts into the world of crypto and vice versa.

In fact, the project performs its message of inclusivity by enabling ubiquitous access to the work. Everyone, not just those in the cryptospace, can enjoy the art series from anywhere in the world, just like Democrats or members of the alt-right can both find value in bitcoin.

“Bitcoin for Any Party” is one of many crypto-related art projects that have emerged recently. One example is from the “Proof of Work” exhibit in Berlin’s Schinkel Pavillon, an art space dedicated to contemporary sculpture. Housed in the exhibit is a jukebox-like sculpture titled “Chaos Machine,” which burns banknotes and turns them into cryptocurrency while playing music.

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