Sunday, October 25, 2020

What Will Happen to Bitcoin When the SEC Approves an ETF?

Introduction Late 2018 was marked in the crypto industry by a sudden price collapse of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and most altcoins. Early 2019 saw a quickly...

Security Token Trades on Regulated Platform in Market First

Regulated broker-dealer SharesPost says it has successfully executed its first secondary trade of security tokens on a blockchain. Source

Security Firm Asks Exchanges to Help It Find Ethereum Classic ‘Attacker’

Security firm SlowMist has come out with a public analysis of the latest chain attacks seen on ethereum classic. Source

Security Token Offerings: A Way Past the SEC’s Incomplete Crypto Guidance?

Are STOs a way to pass the SEC's incomplete crypto guidance? Chi-Ru Jou explains what are the unresolved legal issues for STOs in...

Telecom Giant China Mobile Is Developing a Blockchain Water Purifier

A water purifier launched by China Mobile is connected to the internet of things and will reward usage with crypto tokens. Source

Trading Software

Bitcoin Trader Pro – Benefits Revealed

Bitcoin Trader Pro Review A lot of people are curious to use the Bitcoin Trader Pro trading software for trading in the crypto market. But...