China Kick-Starts Testing Of Digital Services From Shanghai Metaverse In Remote Locations

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Pilot Testing of Digital Services Commences From Shanghai Metaverse

China was deeply rooted in Metaverse since the day the virtual world was introduced to the world.

China was amongst the few countries that saw huge potential in Metaverse and wanted to utilize the source for introducing unique projects.

China has the ability to adopt technology and take it to the next level. This is exactly what China is aiming to achieve with the adoption of metaverse technology.

One such project proposed was the launching of the ‘Shanghai Metaverse’ where digital services were to be offered locally and globally.

China will be able to tap into the local as well as the international metaverses through its own platforms. This is going to offer a great level of interaction and a vast metaverse experience to its locals.

The said project was under development and has recently been launched by China for pilot testing purposes.

Shanghai Metaverse Announcement

China once again maintained its lead in adopting and integrating unique technologies and utilities like the ‘Metaverse’.

The country desired to bring virtual reality into the daily lives of real people in China and globally.

The objective has been achieved as has been confirmed in an announcement by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy & Informatization of China.

The Commission announced the launching of pilot testing Shanghai Metaverse project in at least 20 remote locations in China. These remote locations shall be offering tech-related services digitally through Shanghai Metaverse.

Project is capable of offering a wide range of digital services namely education, fun, entertainment, social hangouts, branding, business operations, etc.

Gong Zheng, who is Shanghai’s Mayor, commented that the pilot testing will provide smarter services to the residents of the city.

He pointed out that Ruijin Hospital in Shanghai shall be developing a virtual reality platform specifically to be used by the hospital.

He told that the hospital staff can supervise and monitor the rooms of patients virtually while ensuring their presence also virtually. This is going to be a revolutionary development in the world of medicine.

Virtual Diagnostic Medical Examination Facility Launched

On the other hand, another hospital in China namely Shanghai Eye and ENT has already established a virtual diagnostic medical examination facility.

In this facility, doctors shall be examining the patients virtually, scan them while using 3D scanning tools and diagnose the problems virtually.

Mayor Zheng remarked that the virtual diagnostic medical examination facility is a remarkable innovation and breakthrough.

He said that sometimes patients’ conditions are not such that they can come and visit the hospitals. ‘Now they can get their examinations done without the need of physically visiting diagnostic centers’, said Mayor Zheng.

Other Key Features

China has proposed to introduce various attractions for tourists and adventurers through metaverse features. It wants people to have a glance at their massive and traditional infrastructures in a virtual world.

For instance, Oriental Pearl Tower has been a big attraction in Shanghai for tourists and adventurers.

This building is a landmark tower in the world that goes 1640 feet into the sky and serves as a local ‘broadcasting’ building. Through the virtual reality program, Shanghai plans to offer a tour of this landmark building to tourists.

The GM of Shanghai Tower said that offering a tour of the tower virtually will help the tower improve further. (It may be noted that the top of the tower has been recently overhauled and renovated exclusively for tourism purposes).

Metaverse Concept

The concept of the virtual world is quite old, however, it only came under the global spotlight when the Covid-19 pandemic broke. At that time, when lockdowns were imposed, the business community started to manage their business affairs virtually.

They were holding virtual meetings and instructing employees virtually by using several apps. The concept of ‘Metaverse’ subsequently got global attention afterward and it is believed that the virtual world is a must.

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