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Collectible Card Games will be upgraded by decentralized Nova Token Platform, and sales of Nova Tokens will start on December 11,2017.

The history of Collectible Card Games (CCG) began in 1993 and development of card gaming industry leaded to great results. The card gaming market is currently estimated at $1.4 billion and is aimed to grow to $2 billion in 2020. No wonder, that implementation of blockchain technology is one of the best method to enhance online card gaming.

Nova Token Platform is a decentralized Ethereum-based Trading Card Game (TCG) platform that allows players as well to own and trade all types of cards as to play games and participate in any tournaments. It is a formidable competitor in the TCG arena as it supports esport, third-party developers and in-game integration.

The main advantage of using Nova Token Platform is providing of quick and secure trading, games and smart packs. Moreover, the platform is designed to support decentralized tournaments, which protects participants against fraud and cheating. Players can organize their own tournaments while the Nova Token Platform framework handles the security and match-reporting.

The platform doesn’t have competitors and can be considered as unique decentralized platform in card gaming industry that provides low fees and secure services.

It should be added, that highly skilled team, including the best specialists of the gaming industry, created a live working game called Nova Blitz and currently available on Steam, iOS and Android in beta.

Nova Blitz is a revolutionary real-time trading card game with fast-paced gameplay, strategy, and mind-games. Participants play simultaneously and can control every step of the game online.

Moreover, Nova Token Platform provides its players many possibilities if they hold Nova Tokens (NVT).

Players can use Nova Token in order to own the cards, trade them on in-game card exchange, and win NVT in tournament prizes.

The Nova Token Platform is based by the concept of enable card ownership. This concept means that as more tokens you own, as more cards you will earn over time.

Players holding a large amount of NVT will get hundreds of copies of one legendary card and will have opportunity to hold or sell these cards at 100% profit.

Thanks to the Nova Token Platform, game developers can raise funds for their projects through the NVT. The more developers use the platform, the higher demand for NVT will be seen, and the more funds will be available, enabling a cycle of growth.

According to Whitepaper, sales of Nova Tokens will start on December 11, 2017.


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