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It’s an analog world. Now your cryptocollectibles can be, too.

CryptoKitties, Etheremon, and BlockchainCuties are fun, but what if you could literally wear your collectible creatures on your sleeve (or on your ankle)? Why, there’s a Dapp for that!

Cryptocollectibles platform CryptoGoods offers a service called Swag that lets people turn their collectible items into physical goods. Whether folks want their CryptoPunks plastered on T-shirts, their digital cats on some socks, or even the macho mugs of their CryptoStrikers adorning a set of throw pillows, Swag can make it happen.

To start the digital-to-analog transformation, individuals must have Web3 access enabled through MetaMask or another Dapp wallet/browser combo like Coinbase Wallet or Trust Wallet. Further, users must own their cryptocollectibles to turn them into swag – only the owner of a specific collectible can make physical goods out of it.

The Swag service supports any item listed on the cryptocollectible marketplaces Rare Bits and Open Sea. In addition, CryptoGoods maintains that the order process is private, as buyers’ physical addresses are not stored, email confirmations are optional, and individuals’ Ethereum addresses are only recorded as hashes.

Parity Technologies’ release manager, Afri Schoedon, recently expressed enthusiasm for the service via Twitter:

Schoedon does have a point: Cryptocollectibles bring plenty of joy to the blockchain space. It never hurts to wear what you love, especially when what you love is an adorably animated kitten or a panda.

ETHNews does not endorse CryptoGoods’ Swag service or any other blockchain-related initiative. 

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