Decentralized Solutions for the Bot Problem

There probably isn’t a person who has used the Internet and hasn’t encountered a captcha. That pesky invention that wastes your time and sometimes cannot be understood by any means.

If you can relate, you’ll be glad to hear that two blockchain startups have stepped up. The two startups are done trying to teach AI’s into recognizing stop signs. On Wednesday a new solution was announced, which will fight the armada of automated bot nets.

For most users, regardless of proficiency with the Internet, bots present an annoying problem. Ironically we are forced to spend a chunk of time online proving we’re human. The features, which waste our time chew on our nerves range from clicking a checkbox to those disgusting blurry images with shop names and street signs. It’s interesting to note that the street signs and traffic signals images were and probably still are, used to train self-driving cars.

While annoying, the captcha still has many uses

The captcha or (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is annoying. That’s the simple and honest truth for every web user. Companies however, are in an even bigger pickle. There is absolutely no way to tell if their ads are seen by people or bots. It’s been estimated that around 37% of all ads the companies pay for are viewed by bots.

The two blockchain startups Enigma and Datawallet have teamed up to introduce a new product: “The Bot or Not protocol.” The goal is simple: reduce bot presence on ad networks by the maximum amount possible.

When launched, Datawallet will allow users of digital services to effectively own and monetize the generated data by the services they use. This will be done through the so called “self-sovereign wallet.” By using ethereum, the protocol will allow users to sell social media or music/gaming stream data to a company. The company can later unfortunately resell that data to as many advertising companies as it pleases.

The transaction however, will be ensured by the use of public-private key pairs. This cryptographic technique will keep a secure exchange. The cryptographic hashes will be posted on the blockchain. This means the point payment will be done with Datawallet’s tokens.

Enigma’s ICO managed to raise $45 million last year. They will add their privacy protocol in order to protect users from personal data exposure. It’s not worth escaping captchas only to leak personal info into the wrong hands.

Bot or Not will focus mainly on preventing ad fraud and Sybil attacks. These two problems present a massive issue and affect many only users. Decentralized technology can ultimately, be a great answer for the identity issues.

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