Decentralizing Love; Now LGBTQ Community Can Get Married On The Blockchain


Blockchain technology has been implemented in so many ways and fields, and the result has been nothing short of sensational. Now a Swedish sports fashion brand Björn Borg has found a new use for it. What the brand has dubbed as “Marriage Unblocked” will allow marriage for all on the blockchain. The move is in an effort to ensure equality for all and depending on the blockchain to ensure that no party can alter or block it. Once the vows are made, the transaction will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain forever and with it, the partners will be bound together. The blockchain called Marriage Unblocked is a digital platform by NORD DDB for the Swedish sports fashion brand Björn Borg.

Marriage Unblocked

The Swedish sports fashion brand notes that same-sex marriage is forbidden in 87% of countries in the world, something the brand believes is unfair. It believes that everyone has a choice to love whomever they like and have a right to marry the person they love. In countries that prohibit such marriages, that power is held by states and churches. Only one technology is known to be immune to third parties such as the state or church: the blockchain. Björn Borg has taken the initiative to have a platform that allows couples to express their love, encrypt their vows and give them a certificate of their digital marriage. According to the brand, just like sports, love is for everyone. The digital platform is built by Superblocks, a company that has been known to push the limits of the blockchain technology.

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Marriage Unblocked will use the blockchain technology by NORD DDB to allow couples to store data forever without any third party involvement, validation or approval. The system that has been used to decentralize banking and other centralized services will now be used to give back the power to marry anyone they want back to the people. This platform will allow you to write your vows which will be sent to you in a link, you can then send the link to your partner as a proposal to which if they click ‘I do’ certifies the vow. Your vows will be encrypted and stored forever and you’ll get to be awarded a digital certificate. With Marriage Unblocked, any couple can get married without any third party approval.

The Swedish sports fashion brand Björn Borg which is behind the initiative has been popular for its strong campaigns aimed at equality. This becomes one of their most optimistic efforts in recent times as they take on the biggest ‘traditional’ powers. Although the right to love and marry anyone remains a huge debate around the world, 87% of countries around the world have forbidden same-sex marriage which makes Marriage Unblocked one of the brands most challenging campaigns yet.

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