Digital Wallet App With Crypto Payment & Chat Option Launched With A Bang

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Evolution in Crypto

The crypto industry has a tendency to provide consumers with unique and amazing products despite the industry being in turmoil.

Recently, a digital wallet namely “AnCrypto” has been launched which addresses multifarious crucial issues in the existing digital products.

Soon after its launch simultaneously in more than 100 countries, the app got shocking responses and feedback from the users.

AnCrypto was launched at the end of December 2022 and since then more than 100k downloads have been made so far.

The response to the app was so huge that these hefty downloads were made only on the Google Play app. The app has not been made available on iOS which is due to be launched at a later stage in 2023.

An Evolution within Evolution

Crypto itself is a groundbreaking evolution and AnCrypto is hence an evolution within evolution for a variety of reasons.

First of all, AnCrypto offers secure storage for digital currencies to users so that they can monitor and manage their digital assets.

Most importantly, this app also offers advanced encryption without the need of having a ‘private key storage’. Hence, users of AnCrypto are the self-reliant and exclusive controllers of their wallets and their crypto funds in wallets.

Customizable App

Secondly, AnCrypto is a highly secure app whose interface has been designed in a manner to offers a highly user-friendly interface.

Thirdly, the app is highly beneficial for advanced users as it can easily be customized in accordance with their specific requirements.

Through the AnCrypto app, a user can also very conveniently access decentralized finance (defi). The purpose of the app is to bring all digital products under one roof and make them available to everyone without contradiction.

First Wallet in the World Which Comes With Chat Option

What makes AnCrypto superior and distinct from other digital wallet apps is its unique chat feature. Currently, there is no digital wallet app in the world that comes with a chat feature.

Through the app, the users can chat with the person to whom funds are transferred or from whom funds are received. Furthermore, the app supports multiple methods of payment such as QR scan codes, etc.

The chat feature opens a pop-up window in which the user can engage in communication with a person while sending and receiving funds.

Usual wallets do not provide for chat option nor do they come with a QR scan code option. In addition, AnCrypto offers more efficient and convenient methods than the usual fund transfers from wallet to wallet.

Chat features also provide ‘transactional history’ and the confirmation of transactions can be instant.

For the time being, the chat feature’s available is limited to dozen of chains only. However, expansion of the feature is due very soon which is expected to be made available in the first upgrade of AnCrypto.

Locating Wallet Addresses Is Made Easy

The app has greatly reduced the hassle which the user of ordinary digital wallet apps had to go through in general. For instance, wallet addresses are complex and lengthy which is why they are hard to memorize.

However, this hassle has been removed permanently as AnCrypto is capable of locating wallet addresses. At the same time, the QR scan code option can be utilized for instantly locating the digital wallet address.

Over 1 Million Transactions Concluded Already

Fourthly, AnCrypto is the first digital wallet app that also uses usernames based exclusively on ‘web3’.

Since the launch, users have already concluded over a million transactions and so far 150k plus fresh wallets have been created.

This is quite a promising start for the AnCrypto wallet as it has garnered a great following right at the beginning of its launch.

The investors have realized the importance of the new wallet and want to adopt it so they can take full advantage in the near future.

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