EEA Opens New Regional Headquarters In Seoul


November 21, 2018 8:13 PM

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance hopes the new regional office will help accelerate the mass adoption of EEA standards.

On November 19, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) announced the opening of its new regional office in Seoul, South Korea.

The EEA was established in New York in February of last year and is comprised of several hundred companies focusing on developing across-the-board standards for Ethereum-based enterprise blockchain solutions. Additionally, “The EEA seeks to augment Ethereum to serve as an enterprise-grade technology by investigating hybrid architectures that span both permissioned (private) and public Ethereum networks.”

In July, the EEA opened a regional office in Japan with the intent to advance the Ethereum community by fostering the adoption of EEA standards.

Resnick told ETHNews at the time: “We intend to have regional presence around the world just to make it easier for everyone to recognize that if you have one common specification then no matter where you go, you will be able to communicate.”

The new Seoul office is in keeping with that goal. Though South Korea has been skeptical of cryptocurrency in the past – with the country’s Financial Services Commission even going as far as to ban all initial coin offerings last September – its blockchain industry seems to be booming, with the country discussing plans to reduce taxes for blockchain companies in the country.

The EEA hopes to capitalize on South Korea’s interest in blockchain technology and a strong EEA member base in the country – among them Samsung SDS – to help accelerate the wide adoption of EEA specifications and standards.

Joonho Park, Co-founder, and CEO of QraftEther Inc., which provides blockchain solutions for supply chains, will be the head of the new office and in charge of making sure regional members have access to all the tools, standards, and specifications provided by the EEA. Park will also be the point of contact and EEA’s “evangelist” for the region.

Resnick expressed his excitement over the opening of the new office and the appointment of Park with ETHNews:

“EEA plans to be represented in all regions, especially in areas where localization provides business leaders with a better understanding of the impact that Enterprise Ethereum standards and use cases will have on our future. By bringing on board regional representatives to promote blockchain in their own geographies, we hope to improve regional access. Kazuaki Ishiguro in Japan, and Joonho Park in Korea will help get us started. By having one global standard organization such as EEA, we can facilitate global interoperability in a way that connects the whole world, so wherever you go, blockchain works for the benefit of everyone.”

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