Encrybit Cryptocurrency Exchange organizes a Survey and offers chance to win up to 100 XRP!

Blockchain Contributors Press Release

Encrybit – The Future of Cryptocurrency Exchange is about to change the way crypto lovers trade on exchange platforms. The squad at Encrybit are well-versed with crypto facts, figures and risks involved. How can we forget blockchain? The essence of cryptocurrency. They are fond of blockchain too!

Awestruck, how are they going to change the way you trade? Jitendra Rajput, the co-founder says, “We have been researching in the field of cryptocurrency for a couple of years. Have used many exchange platforms, but no single exchange can fulfil our expectations. We’re sure other crypto fans out there are facing some problems as well. Thus, we decided to build a platform of our own which can minimize the cons as much as possible.”

Every trader will face particular issues. Also, each one looks forward to varied services and features. In this regard, Encrybit has decided to come up with an online survey to collect the views of each trader for the issues and expectations.

The Survey will be live at 23rd April and the user can put their views till 30rd April, 2018. be participants at https://goo.gl/fhK8dG

Questions will be related to the information required. Each participant’s answer will be confidential. Hence, you can freely and frankly mention about the problems occurring on existing exchange platforms.

Make sure your answers are unique and self-explanatory. It will be better to describe your personal experience. There is no true or false in the answers submitted but the members at Encrybit will have a scan through your answers in order to choose the top 3 participants.

Here comes the Surprise! To increase the competition among participants and to receive the best possible views, Encrybit will distribute reward among first 3 winners as follows:

1st Winner – 100 XRP

2nd Winner – 75 XRP

3rd Winner – 50 XRP

Survey is not just for give away. Encrybit really needs your opinion to build the finest exchange till date. And it is beneficial for you too!

Thinking about how to access or participate in the survey? Don’t think much right now, save some thinking to write the answers! All you need to do is follow Encrybit on Twitter and Telegram. The survey link, other details and winner announcement will be done here. Don’t waste time, follow now!

To participate in the online survey, you simply need some experience in Cryptocurrency trading. Before the survey questions, the form will ask you to fill up below details for verification purpose:

  • Email address
  • Your Twitter Username
  • Your Telegram Username
  • ERC20 MyEtherWallet Address (To receive Encrybit Airdrop if you are not a winner)

Confused with last point? Here comes another Surprise! The participants who are not declared as winners, your efforts won’t go in vain. You’ll receive Encrybit Airdrop once the Encrybit (ENB) ICO starts. And the winners will have to share their XRP address to receive the reward. It will take 30 days after the survey to reach you. Also, it is mandatory to be a member of Encrybit’s Telegram group.

All the Readers are requested to participate in the Survey.

Encrybit will prove itself as the best available Cryptocurrency Exchange.

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