Exciting Developments For Blockchain Technology As Conflux And China Telecom Form A Partnership

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The Conflux Network officials have made an announcement regarding their latest partnership. As per sources, Conflux Network announced on February 15 that they have formed a partnership with China Telecom.

Conflux Network is known for being the Blockchain Research Institute based in Shanghai. The company has confirmed that they have formed a new partnership with China Telecom.

Following their partnership, the companies are aiming to work on the development of a SIM (BSIM) card that will be based on blockchain technology.

The reason behind the partnership between both entities is the development and issuance of a SIM card that will use blockchain technology.

Conflux to Launch Blockchain-Based SIMs

Conflux has confirmed that as part of the partnership, it will be helping China Telecom with the development of the BSIM cards, commonly referred to as blockchain SIM.

The firm has confirmed that the data flowing through the BSIM cards would be kept stored in highly secure and safe places. The highly advanced storage system would allow the BSIM system to secure digital private keys.

The users of the BSIM cards would have access to carry out transfers using blockchain technology. These transfers would be safe and secure, protected with blockchain technology.

In addition to the above, the users will have access to the direct check functionality, which will be based on a single click.

This way, the users will be able to check for information about the transactions. They will be able to view the progress of the transactions as well through the particular functionality.

The Announcement by the Teams

According to the development teams at the research and development department, they will be working on the issuance of the BSIM cards in near future.

The teams have already finalized their work on the research and development of the BSIM cards. Once the work is complete, they will be able to launch the new BSIM cards for the users.

In the next few days, they will be carrying out the testing of the network. The particular functionality they want to test the most is for the digital assets.

These functions include the sending of digital assets as well as their storage.

Storage of Non-Fungible Tokens

The BSIM cards are not limited to the above-mentioned functionalities. They have the ability to offer much more than the normal functionalities to the carriers.

The new functionality includes the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) functionality. Through the new BSIM cards, the users will be able to store the NFTs and they will be able to send them to other users as well.

The users will have the ability to exchange the non-fungible tokens with each other as well. As the non-fungible tokens take up space, the main question is how the BSIM cards will be able to handle them.

The teams at Conflux answered this concern with the technology offered by China Telecom. They have confirmed that the BSIM cards being developed would have the ability to offer more storage space.

Their capacity would be 10-20 times more than the normal BSIMs. This way, the users will gain access to more digital assets as well as decentralized applications.

The users will be able to connect with the digital communities directly through their BSIM cards instead of using individual operating systems.

This is the first time that such a utility has been offered to users as a result of a unique integration of blockchain technology.

As per the officials, they are planning to launch the new BSIM cards in the Hong Kong region. They are planning to do it somewhere toward the end of this year.

They have scheduled to launch the new BSIM cards by the end of the year 2023 in Hong Kong. It will be the pilot program for the BSIM cards and if things go well, the adoption level for crypto-blockchain would rise tremendously.

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