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What’s an ICO?

An Initial Coin Offering is a process to obtain funding. When you use tokens, you get two things: a means for investors to access the possibility of explosive returns, and a network of future users. It’s secure, it’s efficient, and transparent.

In 2017 only, ICOs have raised more than $2.3 billion USD. They work for any sector: gaming, banking, computing, or anything else. Experts say ICOs are the investment mechanism of the future.

But time means everything. ICOs are global, and funding gets really competitive. Take Brave web browser, for example. It raised 35 million USD in funding in about half a minute.

Who’s behind ExHasta?

But ExHasta is more than just a platform, it involves creative and high-skilled work to develop Moonshot technology. So, who are the people behind ExHasta that make it possible?

Meet function(core), a multi-linguistic, international, transdisciplinary collective. They are scientists, engineers, writers, musicians, photographers, entrepreneurs and more, with decades of experience in innovation and cutting-edge technology. They’ve innovated for NASA, Google, Nike, Yale, and many others. You can read more about them at their Medium page.


How will tokens be valued?

The value of EXH Tokens will be determined by the impact of the technology provided and the quality of training brought to innovators. Put simply, the value of the tokens is ExHasta’s value to the world. What will they bring?

By using tokens:

  • Businesses can augment product lines quickly by purchasing patents and specs
  • Entrepreneurs can start a Moonshot project with already-built tools
  • Communities can tackle local problems with new and flexible toolsets
  • Open source projects can modify and build on cutting edge technology

Join the presale on Oct 19 at 19:00 UTC, and acquire tokens at 30% discount. Only a limited number of tokens will be available at this stage. Visit their Website at www.ExHasta.com to take part, or download their whitepaper for more info here.

Got any questions? You can ask Elburz directly by taking part in ExHasta’s AMA [Ask Me Anything] on Reddit, 5 hours before the Pre-Sale starts (Oct 19, 14:00 UTC).


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