Fasttoken, Native Crypto Of Fastex Ecosystem, Coming Soon

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Upcoming Cryptocurrency “Fasttoken”

Fasttoken, which is the flagship digital currency of the Fastex ecosystem, shall soon be joining the league of global cryptocurrencies.

Fastex is a globally renowned network that comprises a wide range of products that are primarily based on web3. Hence, Fasttoken would also be web3 purposed ‘utility token’, which shall be used for acquiring web3 products.

On other hand, Fastex is a popular exchange platform for a variety of digital currencies and shall be offering Fasttoken’s trade as well.

In addition, Fasttoken has been integrated also with the Ethereum blockchain and NFT marketplace, and other apps under the banner of the Fastex chain.

Fastex – A Rapidly Expanding Web3 Ecosystem

Fastex, which is the creator of Fasttoken, is a network that comprises more than 40 million users across the globe. In terms of its gaming partners, Fastex has onboarded over 700 partners.

The network’s main objective is to emerge as the ‘primary token’ in the field of web3 gaming.

For furthering this objective, Fastex is introducing Fasttoken subsequently at a large number of web3 games while partnering with over 100 plus developers. The launch is due at the end of the preceding month, suggested Fastex.

Fastex’s Registration in EU Member State

Presently, Fastex has been rendering crypto trading services under a legally valid license issued by a member EU state namely Lithuania.

In Lithuania, Fastex has taken various initiatives in customers’ interest and one of them is its capability of ensuring regulatory compliance.

Because of its strict adherence to compliance, Fastex is one of the most secure crypto trading platforms amongst Lithuanian crypto traders.

Benefits of Fasttoken

Through Fasttoken, Fastex claims to have created an opportunity for worldwide investors for investing in blockchain and crypto technologies.

The network aims at equipping the users of these technologies to implement them in their day-to-day lives and affairs.

Furthermore, Fasttoken can also be conveniently used for the purposes of investing in and acquiring/selling Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) through Fastex’s NFT marketplace.

Beta Sale of Fasttoken Taking Place on 18th January 2023

It was apprised by the Fastex network that it was scheduled for initiating the beta sale of Fasttokens on 18th January 2023. The network also told that the sale shall be made available for three (03) days only.

In this period of three days, Fastex Exchange’s members exclusively will be offered an initial exchange offering (IEO) of Fasttokens.

During the IEO, the users would be able to buy Fasttokens at a subsidized price which is capped at 0.35 Euros only. This would make it easier for the users to carry out the purchase of the said token.

Fastex also apprised that the IEO shall comprise of 6% of the total supply of Fasttokens. This means that it will be a small amount compared to the overall supply of the tokens.

For the purposes of security and authenticity, the IEO of Fasttokens has already been audited by top-quality firms such as Certik and Hexens.

Fastex Ecosystem’s Tech Giant Partner ‘SoftConstruct’

SoftConstruct is a globally renowned IT solution provider which focuses mainly on web3 gaming space, VR, and e-commerce. Fastex and SoftConstruct are partners in arms and have been working together on Fasttokens.

For instance, Fastex’s NFT market is exclusively powered by none other than but SoftConstruct. With the joint efforts of both partners, they introduced a UAE-based physical shop for purchasing NFTs.

The physical NFT shop can be located in the iconic mall of UAE namely “The Mall of Emirates”. The customers will be able to visit the shop physically and check out the non-fungible tokens.

The beta sale of Fasttokens is on and may be a worthwhile investment for early investors. The investors who take part in the offering will be able to purchase the tokens at very low rates.

Given the popularity that the token has gained, the investors will be able to gain tremendously in the upcoming days.

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