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After launching on April 2nd the Australia-based BitRabbit exchange led by the former Alibaba P8 technical expert Ray Cao, has created a lot of influence in Taiwan and Southeast Asia, and reported by dozens of media in these regions.

Within 15 days of launching, BitRabbit exchange has already had 8500 users from all over the world including; America, Hongkong, Taiwan, Malaysia and many more. Its register activities are still attracting more and more users.

CEO of BitRabbit Ray Cao said;

“Blockchain is not just a technology, it is more of a complex of ideas, value models and technologies.”

Ray Cao stressed that;

“In the future blockchain technology needs to return to using information to bring wealth back to the hands of its information providers.”

What’s more, the BitRabbit team has proposed the “Decentralized Decision-making Committee” system to prevent the abuse of funds. If investors holding cryptocurrency think the operation of the exchange is not as expected, they can directly vote to clear the project to protect their interests and rights within the system.

In the future cryptocurrency market, the key to winning is whether the hardware, equipment, and related investment rules can protect investors’ rights, and interests, namely the matching engine and clearing engine.

BitRabbit stresses their matching engine can reach one million transactions per second, much faster than other similar engines.

In the future, it will also possible to use BitRabbit exchange to invest in options, US stock swaps, and other financial derivatives. After the formation of the entire decentralized blockchain trading, the natural market will grow exponentially.

BitRabbit will develop Proof of Everything, aiming to prove the authenticity of a credential rather than competing for node ledger in the chain. It allows blockchain transactions such as storage, calculation, and bandwidth to be completed directly through the BitRabbit exchange, which has great development potential in the coming months.

About BitRabbit

BitRabbit is an exchange that provides users with cryptocurrency and derivatives trading anytime, anywhere. The platform provides customers with top security, trading liquidity, and unparalleled user experience. BitRabbit is committed to providing their customers with a smooth trading experience.

Main Features

  • The matchmaking speed of the trading system will reach top industry standards. The high performance of fully internalized storage will see matchmaking speeds of 1 million matches per second.
  • Provide a virtual trade simulator for practice (scheduled to go online in March)
  • Provide users with international deposit methods (service scheduled for March release)
  • Provide investors with European options, US stocks, and other commodities (service scheduled for April release)
  • Support diversified digital assets trading (service scheduled for March release)


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