The G-GLOBAL project ( is a scam


The founders of the project on the official site and in certain paid publications on crypto resources declare participation in the project of persons who are absolutely not involved in it. G-GLOBAL uses the names of recognized Nobel laureates, politicians and large investors to achieve good faith and gain access to the investors crypto wallets.

Four Nobel laureates are announced on the G-GLOBAL website as the members of the Advisory Board. Although in fact none of them cooperate in any way with this project:

Eric Maskin, one of the mentioned by G-GLOBAL scientists, officially denies his participation in the project and moreover his interest in crypto-economics. A screenshot of the surprised letter from Eric is here:

An article describing the plans of the President of Kazakhstan – Nursultan Nazarbayev to launch the world-wide cryptocurrency based on G-GLOBAL platform seems even more odious.

Have someone seen such statements from the representatives of the project about their cooperation with any outstanding personalities? They are likely to be false or misleading.

Let’s together find and send here to the chat more evidence to stop G-GLOBAL to use ICO mechanisms for their fraudulent activities.

It is important to act ASAP, because G-GLOBAL hiding behind the fake advertising packaging has already managed to raise funds on a closed presale.

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