House Committees Question Acting AG’s Role In Time Travel Crypto Project


November 16, 2018 12:33 AM

The ranking members of four House of Representative committees are set to investigate Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker’s involvement in World Patent Marketing, a firm that once publicized “a theoretical time travel commodity set to the price of Bitcoin.”

To quote renowned 21st century philosopher David After Dentist, “Is this real life?”

A new fold has been added to the strange reality we’re living in with the November 14 announcement that Acting US Attorney General Matthew Whitaker will be investigated for his involvement with World Patent Marketing, “a company that allegedly bilked millions from consumers and suppressed criticism of their activities.”

The four ranking members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, the House Judiciary Committee, the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence each sent a letter requesting documents related to Whitaker’s work with the firm. The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform’s press release on the issue noted that “serious questions are now arising about his fitness to serve in this position of trust.”

Whitaker’s storied history with World Patent Marketing began in a November 20, 2014, press release in which the patent firm announced the marketing launch of the “masculine toilet,” a toilet with a u-shaped bowl, instead of the “conventional” v-shape, and a 12-inch distance between the rim and water to keep “well-endowed” men from touching the bowl or water. Near the bottom, the release noted that Whitaker, the “former Iowa US Attorney and Republican candidate for the United States Senate,” would be joining the company’s advisory board.

Besides the masculine toilet, World Patent Marketing publicized many other inventions it was working with. One technology, notable for its crypto-credibility and extreme nebulousness, was its “theoretical time travel commodity set to the price of Bitcoin.” The commodity had a soft reveal at the 2016 North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, Florida. Despite the firm’s director of manufacturing Jerry Shapiro asserting that reporters were “all over me about Time Travel Technologies,” details about the commodity never surfaced and the invention, shockingly, never came to fruition. Other auspicious projects World Patent Marketing worked with included the makers of a Bigfoot doll that claimed to partner with the firm to give $1 million to anyone who could “present irrefutable evidence that Bigfoot exists” and a protective razor cover that was evaluated by Whitaker himself.

In March 2017, the Federal Trade Commission accused World Patent Marketing of defrauding customers of $26 million, and it is now under investigation by the FBI. Kerri Kupec, a spokesperson for the Justice Department, said Friday, “Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker has said he was not aware of any fraudulent activity. Any stories suggesting otherwise are false.”

ETHNews reached out to the Justice Department for a comment but did not receive a response.

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