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One of the most important factors for successful investing has always been diversification. A lot of beginner investors learned this the hard way, by going all in on Crypto and not exiting with their profits. Diversification has always been a tool for reducing risk and optimizing your portfolio. Every investor with ambitions to be successful has to research and study every financial market. From Stocks, Bonds to Fiat Currencies and Commodities, the opportunities are everywhere. A recent trend of investing your Bitcoin in the traditional financial markets shows just how much the industry has advanced. Trading platforms that allow mixed trading between digital currencies and traditional financial markets have experienced exponential growth in 2018. Digital Currencies created a whole new market on their own and are here to stay. The exponential growth happened with the Switzerland-based trading platform WCX.

WCX allows you to invest Bitcoin in the traditional markets

WCX is the leading trading platform to trade the financial markets with Bitcoin. WCX is based in Switzerland and was founded in 2018 by engineers that worked for Apple California previously. The founders of WCX, Amatsu Soyonobu and Tagawa Hayashida are very experienced in software engineering and finance and launched their platform in October of this year. Although relatively new, WCX grew exponentially since its launch and is growing at a record pace with user base from over 190 countries and more than one billion dollars in trades.

Amatsu Soyonobu and tagawa Hayashida were Bitcoin early adopters and were angry that Bitcoin didn’t have more real world use cases. That’s how the idea of WCX was born to let regular people trade the traditional financial markets using their Bitcoin. WCX focuses on security, performance and simplicity and stands out in the trading and financial world, because it allows its users to trade by using just Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency traders know that Crypto exchanges often are faster and more user friendly than regular trading desks. WCX combines the speed, user experience and trading experience of Cryptocurrency exchanges with the range of markets and financial instruments, offered by traditional trading brokers.

Because traders use Bitcoin and don’t rely on banks, WCX provides 0% fees, the lowest spread in the industry and high liquidity. WCX is compliant with Know-your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering procedures and is self-regulated, covering all requirements for external regulation in Switzerland. The fact that they accept BTC for trading means that WCX can provide among the lowest fees possible and focuses on the Crypto community. Investing Bitcoin in Forex, Stocks or Commodities is a great opportunity for investors to use their Bitcoin to diversify their portfolio.

WCX combines a clean design with incredible security features

Starting with WCX is simple and easy. You can create an account with just an email and minutes later you will be using the trading dashboards. WCX offers more than 100 markets to trade in, but also some of the most popular digital currency like Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum. There are no fees for trading, depositing or withdrawing. Deposits and withdrawals are processed within minutes in Bitcoin.

For beginners or people that want to trade for fun, when creating a new account people can chose to skip ID verification and start demo trading. Demo accounts have 10 BTC in their balance and unlimited refills, which let people get a feel of the platform, test out things and experiment without risking their money. For experienced traders, WCX provides flexible leverage trading. Unlike other trading platforms that lock you into one leverage level, users can select the leverage that they want to use on each specific trade they make from 1x to 300x.

WCX has a 24/7 customer support and puts security as their number one priority. Digital Funds are stored in cold wallets and users can enable two-factor authentication for that extra layer of security. WCX Trading dashboards are fast and simple to use on desktop and mobile. Charts are full of drawing tools and indicators for technical analysis, letting users enjoy the full trading experience. WCX’s Affiliate program offers 50% revenue share on the traders that are referred. It’s one of the biggest percentages of revenue share in the industry and the payments are instantly transacted in Bitcoin.

WCX Conclusion


  • 100+ Markets
  • Zero fees on trades, withdrawals and deposits
  • Tiny Spreads
  • Unlimited Demo trading
  • Bitcoin In, Bitcoin Out
  • KYC/AML compliance
  • REST and Websocket API
  • Easy to use User Interface on all devices, with light and dark themes
  • Instant withdrawals and BTC deposits credited after one confirmation
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • High-paying affiliate program (50% revenue share forever)
  • Minimum trade size: Just 0.001 BTC
  • Flexible Adjustable Leverage

WCX allows simple and fast ways to trade the financial markets and invest your Bitcoin in them. Providing zero fees, incredible security, demo trading without risk and a modern trading dashboard, WCX has become the preferred place to trade for hundreds of thousands of people. By supporting the Crypto community and trading, WCX is an ecosystem that will continue to grow and give Bitcoin a great use case. If you want to check them out, visit them at:

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