Latest News from Cryptocurrency and Mainstream Industries

While the cryptocurrency industry is filled with a tremendous number of announcements and headlines, some news is more prominent than the rest. Therefore, it is time to bring the top news to the front that is proving to be promising for the cryptocurrency industry.

The first news is around MicroStrategy that has gone ahead with another investment for Bitcoin (BTC). The Bitcoin (BTC) pro firm has announced that it has raised another $500 million that it intends on investing in Bitcoin (BTC).

As of now, MicroStrategy owns a total of 92,079 Bitcoins, which translates to $3.75 billion at the time of writing. The company has announced that the Bitcoins it owns will now be kept secure at its cryptocurrency subsidiary, MacroStrategy LLC.

The next news is about Goldman Sachs that has started offering a new cryptocurrency-related service to its users. The firm has announced that it is planning on offering futures trading and options trading in Ethereum (ETH). Goldman Sachs has confirmed that the new product is to go live in the coming months.

Goldman Sachs has also revealed that it is planning to offer exchange-traded notes that would track Bitcoin (BTC). The firm is planning to do it in order to facilitate trades. Goldman Sachs has revealed that investors are leaning more and more towards the cryptocurrency industry. Therefore, they will continue adding more products to the list of services they currently offer.

Then there is the US SEC that has recently released the agenda for regulations for summer and spring. Surprisingly, the US SEC has released no regulatory agenda or guidelines for cryptocurrencies. There are three stages that the agenda would fulfill for the rulemaking process. The rulemaking process will include steps that are pre-rule, proposed rule, and final rule.

Then the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand has taken a strict step towards certain cryptocurrency assets. The Thai SEC has strictly prohibited the offering of meme-coins, fan-based tokens, and NFTs to the Thai locals.

The Thai SEC has announced that the exchanges would only be able to offer their exchange-issued tokens if they add them to their white paper.

Then the central bank of Argentina (BCRA) has announced that it is currently investigating nine firms belonging to the fintech space. According to the regulations, the particular firms have links with cryptocurrency firms and crypto-assets.

The regulator has alleged the firms of being involved in providing cryptocurrency-related services to their clients that are unauthorized. Only the financial institutions with proper licenses should be able to offer such services to their clients.

Then the reports confirm that the developer of EOSIO, has entered a settlement deal with Crypto Assets Opportunity Fund (CAOF). The settlement was offered and accepted for the class-action lawsuit that was filed by CAOF. has gone for the settlement by paying $27.5 million.

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