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It wasn’t so long when we had Charles Hoskinson (creator of Cardano) speak largely on his cryptocurrency creation and during that interview, made mention of some updates that were soon hitting the electronic shelves of the blockchain network. To be very frank, things happen so quick within this now blossoming crypto arena – and of course that is  why we are here – such that within a blink so may things just happen, just like that. Within this past week IOTA has announced its Qubic update, and then there has been the launch ofthe new CryptoDefender, and the list is countless.

And with the many updates comes that of Cardano. Hoskinson’s creation, with its unique token has announced the release of the blockchain network’s very own update to Cardano 1.4. Cardano hasn’t struggled much in terms of gaining recognition on the crypto market, owing largely to its rather unorthodox concept of crypto trading and its applications that haven’t seen the light of day yet. Despite being a relatively new token in the market after a successful Initial Coin Offering, Cardano’s ever increasing number of users is a major catalyst to the development of  a new update. 1. 4, which is the name of the new update, could help Cardano get more people unto its side in terms of wooing new or even existing crypto investors unto the platform and its digital token.

Linux Machines Get The Daedelus Wallet

Contrary to the tradition of saving the best for the last, you are getting it first, Linux powered devices will now have the Daedelus crypto wallet fully functioning. Linux devices are most friendly to crypto and blockchain enthusiasts, and the very fact that Cardano owners or investors couldn’t access the Cardano wallet, Daedelus, on the Linux devices was pretty disturbing. However, 1.4 is solving this issue now and developers for Cardano who use Linux can now use the Cardano wallet on the machines. According to the developers of 1.4, the solution has already been created and is “in place”.

Cardano blockchain 1.4

Rust In Cardano 1.4 Along With New Testnets

A relatively new but fast spreading programming language for most developers. Used mainly within the cryptocurrency and blockchain community of developers, the lightweight programming code will now be available to users within  the Cardano Cryptocurrency Universe (CCU). lightweight because it is available to and easily accessible most developers. It will help newbies to the Cardano group of developers to easily adapt to the system as well as make key contributions towards growth.

Another upgrade coming to Cardano is the increment of network block processing efficiency within the blockchain. There is likely to be a serious decrease in the amount pf space needed to have Cardano running efficiently or well and stored on a system. Reports state that, this may be achieved by Cardano developers placing individual epochs within their own files instead of having single files on every block. Should this work, we will be seeing a serious reduction from 1.5 million to about just 200. This can seriously save spacefor theblockchain network.

Two new testnets will alsocome with the update 1.4. First is the Shelley Testnet, along with the Cardano Testnet. Shelleyb Testnet was one of Cardano’s ealriest steps towards full decentralisation. And as testnets allow users to test their own suggestions on the blockchain without affecting or causing problems to the main blockchain network. Shelley’s presence may help erode all fears of a fully centralised network on Cardano and thus comes as a relief to most members of the crypto community.

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