‘Mastering Ethereum’ Book Features Voices Across The ETH Community


The educational resource will be available December 10.

Blockchain heavyweight Andreas Antonopoulos recently announced via reddit that he and co-author Gavin Wood’s forthcoming guide, “Mastering Ethereum,” has been copy edited and “is heading to the printers.” According to Antonopoulos, the book will help developers learn how to build on the Ethereum network.

Although Wood and Antonopoulos co-wrote the over 400-page guide, a litany of community members contributed to the book, including folks like Lane Rettig, Hudson Jameson, and Iuri Matias. Plus, GitHub contributions were managed by two editors: Francisco Javier Rojas Garcia and William Binns. The high level of collaboration reflects the Ethereum community’s aspirations toward transparency and support.

Of course, like with any book, there are some “gaps” in content, as Antonopoulos noted. However, he went on to say that these issues would be addressed in the second edition of the guide.

“Mastering Ethereum” will be available both digitally and in print, with the hard copy release slated for December 10. The source code for the book can be found on GitHub, but it is currently under the Creative Commons license CC-BY-NC-ND, which means it can be read and shared for free but commercial use and derivatives are not allowed. Antonopoulos added that a year after publication, the book’s license will change to CC-BY-SA, thereby allowing commercial reuse.

Education has been top of mind in the greater blockchain space. Universities and other educational institutions have been integrating coursework and resources to help interested individuals get started in the industry. That said, much of the focus of blockchain education has been less about development and technical specifications and more about marketing and general business practices.

Nick Johnson, who helped review the book’s chapter about the Ethereum Name Service, told ETHNews about the importance of education in the space: “The decentralised web is still in its infancy, and if we want it to reach its potential, education is going to be crucial to ensuring everyone can join and contribute.”

“Mastering Ethereum” may have gaps in content, but the resource will certainly help to fill the gap in blockchain developer education.

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