MtGox Creditors To Begin Filing Claims To Retrieve Lost Funds


MtGox is accepting civil rehabilitation claims until October 22.

Creditors who lost their bitcoin when Japanese cryptocurrency exchange MtGox went bankrupt in 2014 can start filing civil rehabilitation claims in an attempt to recover their lost virtual currency.

An online guide published by MtGox rehabilitation trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi outlines three ways in which users of the exchange can file their proof of rehabilitation claims.

Users who filed proof of bankruptcy claims by May 25, 2016, have three options for filing a proof of rehabilitation claim. Those who have set up two-step authentication are directed to use the “online” method of filing. Those who have not are to use the “supplementary” online method. Users who have lost their password and/or username must mail in their claim using the “offline” method. Any creditors who have not yet submitted proof of bankruptcy claims may also submit proof of rehabilitation claims.

Anyone wishing to file a civil rehabilitation claim must do so before October 22, 2018, or risk losing their right to make a claim. The guide states that MtGox plans to inform creditors whether their claim was accepted or rejected by January 24, 2019, but the date is subject to change.

This announcement comes shortly after lawyers representing several MtGox creditors published a revised policy of the rehabilitation plan earlier this month.

The Tokyo District Court approved a petition to commence civil rehabilitation proceedings for MtGox in June of this year. ETHNews reported that the proceedings touched upon whether creditors and users would be reimbursed in bitcoin or fiat. This document makes no mention of how funds will ultimately be distributed. 

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