Norfolk Southern Gets On The Right Side Of The Blockchain Tracks

One of the largest shipping and logistics companies in the United States has joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance to help define the future role of blockchain technology in the field of travel and logistics.

Norfolk Southern Corporation (NSC), one of the United States’ largest rail companies, announced yesterday that it has joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA).

BiTA is one of the nation’s leading trade associations in the travel and logistics industry. One of its primary focuses is setting standards for using blockchain technology in its industry. The consortium was formed in August 2017 and currently has over 250 participating companies, including FedEx, Uber Freight, and Bridgestone.

Chris Burruss, president of BiTA, stated:

“As BiTA membership has grown, companies in all areas of the supply-chain have joined forces to help us work toward common blockchain standards that will define the future of freight movement. Norfolk Southern brings a level of intermodal and rail expertise to the Alliance that will benefit all members and the industry.”

With approximately 19,500 route miles, NSC has one of the most extensive shipping and logistics networks in the US. Operating in 22 states and the District of Columbia, NSC brings coal, automotive, and industrial products to every major container port in the eastern United States.

“Norfolk Southern’s membership with BiTA will help us identify opportunities where blockchain can be used to improve the transportation supply-chain for our customers,” said Fred Ehlers, the company’s vice president of information technology and chief information officer.

The move was perhaps inevitable for Norfolk Southern. Several of the seven Class I regional railroads in the US are already members, including Union Pacific and BNSF Railway.

BiTA itself has grown steadily since its inception. In November 2017, ETHnews reported that shipping giant UPS had joined the alliance.

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