Parity Appears To Back Away From Hard Fork Solution

December 16, 2017 5:28 AM

Following negative reactions from the Ethereum community, Parity has signaled that it may stop pushing for a hard fork to unlock the 500,000 Ether frozen in some of its wallets.

The tech firm Parity may give up on advocating for a hard fork of the Ethereum blockchain as a remedy to a bug in its software.

On November 6, the vulnerability was exploited in a manner that led to the freezing of over 500,000 Ether housed in certain of the company’s multi-signature hardware wallets, which cannot be retrieved as long as the bug persists.

Parity later acknowledged that it could have prevented the freeze, if it had only been faster to redeploy a particular executable distributed code contract – which it had been planning to do as part of a round of scheduled maintenance – when the incident occurred.

On December 11, the firm suggested several fixes to the problem, all of which would necessitate a hard fork.

Today, sources report that Parity representative Afri Schoeden was speaking at an Ethereum developers’ meeting when he fielded a question on the matter from the Ethereum Foundation’s Hudson Jameson. He responded: “Actually, I don’t want to talk about it, except that one point is that Parity doesn’t want to follow up on the proposals, because we see the feedback was clear and loud.”

The spokesman was likely alluding to sentiments expressed through various online platforms by members of the Ethereum community, who believe that a hard fork to rescue Parity’s locked funds would constitute special treatment, in light of the significant overlap between Parity’s personnel and that of the Ethereum Foundation.

Schoeden reportedly later told media that “we are not putting any more effort in improving these proposals.”

After the meeting concluded, the company’s twitter account issued the following message:

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