Revolutionizing Sustainable and Smart City Development with Parksen


Parksen and Ethereum – A Match Made in Heaven

AMSTERDAM – Parksen is a parking app that provides easy-to-use, future-forward and affordable parking solutions in metropolitan areas. We’ve built on that base premise and expanded our mission to transforming and improving all sorts of infrastructure that connect to parking. With our ambitions to deploy massive amounts of IoT devices, all focused on different solutions, we will gather relevant information that can help us, and cities, fight back against ever-rising levels of traffic congestion, toxic emissions and decreasing air quality.
This data will be made available to municipalities, companies, parking garages and drivers alike through our parking app, but also through our Green, Smart and Connected City Platform, which can be integrated by any city free of charge.

Smart Contracts

Given our ambitions to offer affordable prices for parking across the globe, it is very important to be able to create an immutable agreement between people who offer parking spots and those who use them. However, a secondary motivation is funding. We aim to create a global platform that will revolutionize city development. We have created our ICO to help us achieve these dreams. Because of this and the availability of Smart Contracts, we chose the Ethereum Blockchain for our PARQ tokens.

Transparent Prices

When engaging in a parking action in the accompanying Parksen Parking app, our smart contracts will ensure that you never pay more than originally agreed upon. By making such smart contracts, we aim to dissuade governments and corporations from charging unreasonable fees for your parking. Moreover, you will always be able to see, ahead of time, how much you would have to pay to park.

Developing Technology

We full heartedly believe that crypto- and blockchain technology will eventually be adopted by regular folks for every-day-life situations like parking. By creating a system where participation is user-friendly and easy-going, we want to help people understand that cryptocurrency is not something to be afraid of, it is something to embrace!

Governmental Cooperation

Talking about mass adoption, we will include local and national governments during the development of our Green, Smart and Connected City Platform. By including them, we add to the belief that crypto- and blockchain technology are unavoidable and highly important advancements for us a society. The Parksen Platform caters to a lot of municipal needs and desires, and we believe that, through showing them the light, we can lower the threshold and increase trust.

Get Involved

Parksen as an app and as a platform will revolutionize urban infrastructure development, but to do so proficiently we will need all the help we can get. If you think that you would benefit from Parksen, please head over to our website and check out the whitepaper for more in-depth information on our global ambitions. A greener, smarter and more connected city starts with you. Let’s change the world!


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