Scam Warning: Site Mimicking Coinbase Sends False Alerts Via Email

November 16, 2017 12:37 AM

A scammer is targeting Coinbase users with a false device access alert.

On November 15, 2017, an email was received by ETHNews from claiming that a “new device” had attempted to access the Coinbase account associated with the receiving email address.

The problem here is that no such Coinbase account is associated with the ETHNews email address and, furthermore, is not an official Coinbase address. Inspection of the domain revealed that (PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THIS SITE) is in fact set up to look exactly like the exchange‘s actual site, (this is the authentic URL for the cryptocurrency exchange). It would seem the sender is attempting to lure unwary users who receive the alert to the scam site that is masquerading as Coinbase and pry open their otherwise secure accounts.

An image of the message can be seen below:

Coinbase Scam

Users are warned not to click on any links or respond to any alerts provided by, as they likely link to a scam site. It is also recommended that users check their bookmarks to ensure that they go to the correct sites, or manually type in addresses when logging into exchanges and other sites where security is chief among concerns.

ETHNews will provide additional details on this story if any emerge.


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