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As we did in our previous article, talking about some of the big names in the United States that are investing massively into developing blockchain based systems, we continue with the seven others that make our cut for the top ten. Let’s get on with it then.

Apple Inc.

Apple filed a patent way back last year which became public somewhere in December. The patent contained details of a platform that was in development by Apple which would use blockchain to “protect and verify timestamps as well secure elements”. Apple’s product is meant to help network servers to avoid hacking attacks by rejecting falsified timestamps thanks to the secure nature of blockchain networks. With Apple being a company that has been very much concerned with the security of its product users, this shouldn’t be so surprising to the public.Cupertino based tech guru


American Express

The global giant in credit cards issuing and processing of payments has also gone pretty knee-deep into the tech. Last November American Express announced a partnership with Ripple and Banco Santander which would see all payments from FX International Network to United Kingdom Santander accounts processed via Ripple’s blockchain network. Judging by how useful blockchain can be for financial institutions (at least on paper), a partnership with a blockchain specialising firm is very reasonable. Moreover, because blockchain can execute cross-border transactions in real time instead of days, so has it been since the beginning of this partnership.



Now the trillion pound question is, “what on earth is an airplane manufacturer doing here too?”. Boeing doesn’t just want to record its sales and all, it also wants to use Blockchain technology to record GPS logs and data. This data is meant to serve as backup for pilots during flights should they accidentally miss their way because of very bad weather or malfunction of equipment during flights. Imagine owning or flying by of one of Boeing’s top flight beauties only to have your GPS razzle dazzled by some hacking criminals just to hold you up for ransoms. Well, this blockchain initiative by Boeing could have you worrying the least you could still reach your flight destination thanks to GPS data that would be have been stored on an incorruptible spreadsheet of flight GPS logs. Talk of safety and Boeing’s got you covered.


Talk of the “out of place” on this list again and there’s Coca-Cola. The century plus old beverage manufacturer that has quenched thirsts much longer than we can remember is also working on using the blockchain technology to help protect the rights of its workers. It stated that it was entering into multiple partnerships all in a bid to develop registry for its workers that functioned on the technology of blockchain.


IBM Blockchain

Blockchain has been madly embraced by IBM maybe more than anyone else. IBM has been very quick to develop its own blockchain system and make partnerships that handle transactions for its South Pacific sector.

It is also in another partnership with Maersk as it looks to use its own blockchain network to track Maersk’s shipments across the globe. The use of blockchain in the shipping supply chain could make it a lot more transparent as data cannot be forged and make the entire system paperless.


One problem pharmaceutical companies face is the issue of people returning fake drugs instead of the originally purchased ones in the name of “wrong prescription”. But they may all be about to change very soon for Merck. The company is working on using blockchain to track and also verify the authenticity of all drugs that are returned using basic information as batch, serial and expiration numbers. With this, fake drugs cannot be returned in place of originals and losses will be cut drastically.



McDonalds has partnered with Omise to have the latter be its sole payment medium in Thailand and for the McDelivery Thailand mobile app. This would prevent the constant rerouting of deliveries as well ensure to of the line delivery services, nor forgetting the ability to securely record all credit card transactions done via the mobile app.


That makes our cut for the top ten America-based multi million dollar companies who are investing in blockchain development.

Let us know what you think about the list. Is there any firm we missed that should be in there, or is there any in there you genuinely feel shouldn’t be? Tell us all these and more in the comments, and join our Coinstaker Telegram community.


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