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Given how much ISPs and websites know about us, it’s clear that the biggest problem we face with the current internet is privacy. Fortunately, Skywire introduces the solution.

We take it for granted that ISPs have access to all sorts of our personal information and online activities, after all, that how ads’ work is targeted. However, given tensions around the net neutrality debate, especially in the United States, there is an ongoing struggle to maintain a free and open internet. These pressing issues need solving fast.

Here’s Where Skywire Comes in

Synth and the development team behind the Skycoin project considered the flaws of the current internet and made it a personal mission to create a new system that puts the users first, providing the solution through Skywire.

Skywire is a Mesh Internet. These networks completely cut out ISPs and host the network using nodes in users’ homes instead. Although Mesh internets have been attempted by many before, none have succeeded as there was never a lasting incentive for users to build and operate the network. However, with the advent of cryptocurrencies, there is now a solution. Skywire, the decentralized mesh internet developed by Skycoin, utilizes tokenized assets, meaning users can now earn cryptocurrency while hosting the new internet.

Skywire has one simple purpose- to allow a free and open internet available to the masses without any consequences. Fundamentally built on a set of rules that promotes user engagement, Skywire is able to offer a secure and fast network that caters to the public. No more relying on ISPs calling the shots, the control is now put into the hands of the community to build a new internet.

Make Money and Save the Internet

Skywire is operating basing on the network of connected nodes, otherwise known as Skyminers. In order for users to utilize Skywire, they must pay Coin Hours to get the bandwidth they need. These Coin Hours, similar to NEO’s Gas, are paid to the operators of the hardware in return for the bandwidth they provide. In addition to this, Coin Hours can also be earned passively by holding Skycoin (SKY) in the official Skycoin Wallet.

Users, who wish to become a host, have the option of either buying a Skyminer directly from Skycoin or becoming a DIY miner, and get whitelisted later. As an operator of a Skyminer, each individual has complete flexibility over what their node does. Individuals have the ability to opt out from connecting with any node they suspect to be malicious in order to ensure security. Furthermore, all the data being sent through nodes remain completely anonymous. This means that Skyminer operators are in no way liable for forwarding data, as it is encrypted and not visible to them.

The Solution through Mass Adoption

Currently, Skyminers will be used to plug into the existing internet, acting as a specialized VPN. But, as nodes are adopted on a mass scale, traditional internet connection, as we know it, will no longer be necessary.

By connecting to a node, any user will be able to transfer data at fiber speeds, completely revolutionizing the way we think about the internet. Every individual could essentially become their own ISP by running a node, choosing which nodes they want to connect with, and in turn building a fully inclusive, community-driven internet.

If mass adoption can become reality, the Skycoin Project will revolutionize how we access content on the internet, free of the slow bandwidth speeds and censored content from ISPs. At a fraction of the cost compared to current ISPs, Skywire has the ability to become the de facto solution for how we connect networks and send data for the next few decades.


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