Status Goes In With ENS Dapp


The Ethereum platform embraces the naming service with its most recent development.

According to information shared with ETHNews, the team behind Status, a mobile browsing provider for the Ethereum network, recently launched an Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Dapp. The service is available on the Status platform under names.statusnet.eth, where individuals can reserve their .eth addresses. Status believes that ENS support makes “it easier [for users] to find and communicate with each other in the Ethereum ecosystem.”

Within recent months, the crew has been at work integrating ENS compatibility into Status’ chat, wallet, and browser functions, including support for various cases. For example, the Status team asserts that “ENS names are a bit more multi-purpose,” noting that the addresses can both be visited via Ethereum-compatible browsers and serve as unique usernames.

ENS registration on the platform requires 50 Status Network Tokens (SNT), which become locked in a registry contract for a year. After this time elapses, individuals can either release their .eth addresses and reclaim the held tokens, or they can simply do nothing and keep their ENS names. The team reassures users that “no person can access the SNT that is locked up in [these] contract[s].”

Status also indicated that anyone can bid on ENS addresses through an auction, though that process is “complex and requires time and focus.” In fact, the entire process takes five days, involves various steps, and requires that individuals reveal their bids after 72 hours.

The crew maintains that the ENS Dapp’s launch is only the first phase of the project. Status believes that these names “will become a cornerstone of users’ identities” on its platform, saying that down the line, such addresses could potentially be displayed in Status’ public chats.

With this announcement, Status is joining groups such as MetaMask and Melonport AG in further supporting ENS integration and use. Nick Johnson, lead developer for the ENS, will be discussing the project and its progress in greater detail at Devcon4 in Prague next week. There will (tentatively) be a “State of the ENS” presentation and an ask-me-anything session with Johnson at the annual Ethereum developer conference.


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