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Switex — NAGA’s decentralized marketplace for virtual goods — has officially rebranded to NAGA VIRTUAL.

NAGA, one of the most diverse and exciting blockchain platforms in the industry today, has officially rebranded its virtual goods marketplace from Switex to NAGA VIRTUAL — bringing the product’s name more in line with the rest of the NAGA Ecosystem.

The change has been made following the rapid growth of the NAGA platform as a whole, increasing the importance of associating Switex with the successful brand.

New Design and Sharpened Identity

NAGA VIRTUAL now uses the same corporate colors as the rest of the NAGA family, making it instantly recognizable as part of the NAGA ecosystem.

With the updated color scheme and look, NAGA VIRTUAL is now more visually appealing from an objective standpoint — especially for investors who don’t identify as gamers. With plans to become a fully-fledged order-based exchange, the sharpened look better fits this profile.

New Design and Sharpened Identity

Stacks & Quantity System

NAGA VIRTUAL has also added an exciting new addition to its platform — namely, the ability to stack items. The addition of stackable items will be gradually finalized over the next few days.

Stackable items will afford users the ability to buy and sell multiple virtual goods with just a single click. Furthermore, the differentiation between stackable items and unique items are highlighted with a small stack-symbol on the item-box.

There has also been a price filter added where users can sort by “price per unit.”

Petit Chronicle Online

NAGA has also announced the newly-launched connection between Asobimo’s Petit Chronicle Online and NAGA VIRTUAL.

This connection is an absolute first and makes NAGA VIRTUAL the world’s first independent virtual goods market to connect an external game. This week, users can gain a sneak peek at what NAGA is gradually adding.

Petit Chronicle Online is focused on the Japanese market, but a second game from Asobimo — available in English — is currently slated to be added to NAGA VIRTUAL soon.

Looking Ahead

It becomes increasingly more clear, week by week, that NAGA is advancing at a rapid pace. The rebranding of Switex to NAGA VIRTUAL reflects the company’s continued drive to improve by providing users and investors with the best products available. The company told Bitcoinist:

We are very happy with all of the new NAGA VIRTUAL features and its full assimilation into the NAGA Ecosystem. This important rebranding will only have positive implications for the continued growth of the platform and the user experience. We would like to thank our loyal user base for all of your support so far and we hope that you are as excited as we are about what the future holds.

What do you think of Switex’s rebranding to NAGA VIRTUAL? Does NAGA’s ever-evolving ecosystem of crypto-focused products excite you? Let us know in the comments below!

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