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The Swiss Crypto Valley Association has announced its decision to increase the number of women in the board. The primary aim of this move is to change the male dominance norm, by giving women similar roles to those of the already existing male members, including co-chairing the group. The Crypto Valley Association (CVA) also stated that the women’s election would strengthen the association by introducing new skills, and diversity of perspectives.

This decision comes after the June elections where five available posts were filled by men. However, the board has now been expanded to seven members and has already attracted 43 nominations. The sheer scale of applications received has been pleasantly received while at the same time posing a threat of how the elections will be conducted with so many aspirants. The vote is set for September 20.

As noted by CVA, the elected women will represent the Zugs Crypto valley and CVA at external events while still supporting local initiatives. Leanne Abapo Senn, a diversity task force member at the Swiss Crypto Valley association, said:

our wish is to create a space which is suitable to everyone, rather than soldiering on with the old boys club together with their cronies. Our main aim is to include more women in the crypto valley association and thus create a stronger and inclusive ecosystem.

Abapo Senn also hinted that the June’s election was characterized with opaqueness, complaining that the nomination procedure was not advertised clearly:

Since all CVA members have an active social media life, it would have been better if more publicity was given to the process. It would have been more successful.

Crypto Valley Association is not one of the mere debating societies as it carries real and economic clouts in the country. Founded in 2017, the Swiss association now boasts of more than 1000 members representing consultants, legal experts, companies and incubators form crypto space and the blockchain industry. Numerous journalists are also involved in the association with the aim of expressing their economic and political voice in one of the crypto friendly nations in Europe- Switzerland. It promotes the blockchain technology internationally, thus has its self-regulatory measures and a code of conduct.

Women In Blockchain Technology

Women are slowly getting more positions in significant blockchain technology positions. Last month, Randi Zuckerberg, sister of popular social media founder, Mark Zuckerberg, joined the Huobi Pro blockchain ecosystem.

However, A recent research done by eToro shows that a gender gap still exists in the cryptocurrency sector. The study found out only 8.5 percent of the cryptocurrency users are female while 91.5 percent population was dominated by the male. Later, another report indicated that the people of women expressing their interest in cryptocurrency investments had risen to 13%. The study, which was carried out by the UK London Block Exchange; shows that one in every five women desire to join the blockchain industry, unlike before. Agnes de Roeyer, a senior business analyst at the London Block Exchange, firmly believes that the trend will soon change.

The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is based on transparency, teamwork, and innovation. Changing the gender equality of team members is a great way of bringing more ideas to the table. Hopefully, other organizations will follow the new trend.


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