TRON Puts Down Roots In NeoWorld


November 8, 2018 11:13 PM

Creators of the 3D virtual world NeoWorld have partnered with the TRON Foundation as the blockchain platform plans a new expansion and the possibility of a new in-game token.

Coinception? Cryptoception? Tokenception? Whatever you want to call it, the blockchain-based massively multiplayer online game (MMO) NeoWorld is partnering with TRON Foundation. The partnership, announced today, brings with it the addition of TRON’s very own building within the virtual world, and questions as to what the game’s developers will do with TRX, TRON’s currency, alongside the game’s own token, NeoWorld Cash (NASH).

According to the project’s white paper, “NASH is an Ethereum token based on ERC223 standards and compatible with ERC20 standards.” Prices within the game also fluctuate according to market demand, which the NeoWorld team of developers says it has no “influence or control” over based on the “design of the game mechanism” on the blockchain.

The main way players earn NASH is by taking part in projects that require collaborative work – like helping build a theatre where plays can be performed – and/or providing a service within a building that has already been completed, like acting in a play. Players are also able to purchase NASH from crypto exchanges or other players. The NASH can then be used to buy more land or improve the land the player already owns. Alternatively, players can “lock up a portion of their NASH for a period of time to increase the attributes of their land, facilities and avatars.”

Whether or not players will be able to use TRX as currency within the virtual world now that TRON is on board has not been announced. The white paper does explicitly state that NASH “is the only currency in the NeoWorld” and, at the moment, players can perform tasks within the TRON building, but will only earn NASH upon completion.

The news of the TRON partnership is coupled with the announcement of the game’s first land expansion, called the Exclusive Island. It also follows the game’s most recent update, detailed on the developer’s blog, which includes avatar fatigue and pleasure levels that affect what jobs can and cannot be done.

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