There are two basic ways to increase number of active truck drivers in the system: A) Collect geo-location big data which is shared by drivers who run the Doft app while driving a truck.  B) Growing the drivers’ community so that more people send their location data. Both actions are being rewarded with Doftcoins through the Doft Driver application.

In this way, early adopters of Doft network are gaining value and thus being incentivized to take part in the establishment of the network before its technological benefit takes effect and the transport service is available.

Once the critical mass of movement is reached in a certain geographical region the truck-sharing and other smart transportation services will become instantly enabled in the region.

The rate of distribution of Doftcoin via movement-based mining is designed to encourage the growth of local Doft communities. Thus, it is proportional not only to the distance you are driving, but also to the growth of the community in your area motivating users to promote the Doft network in their own region.

Doft is also running an ICO campaign offering its tokens with a 100% bonus during Christmas holidays. Anyone can become an owner of Doftcoins (DFC) and enjoy the benefits of being a part of the transportation community.

The Doftcoin token will be used to access all the services and products provided by the platform. Today Doft accepts only USD when a customer pays for the services. In the nearest future Doftcoins will become a number one payment method within the network. The current Pre-ICO 2.0 crowdsale will be live until January 1, 2018 0:00 AM UTC.

About  Doft

Doft – a Silicon Valley based startup – developed a mobile app for the trucking industry that provides freight matching services. The on-demand instant freight and truck matching application has been labelled the “Uber of trucking.”

Doft aims to improve the lives of truckers and provide ever-increasing value to shippers and carriers through its peer-to-peer service. Doft is changing the way American truckers and shippers work together, they are now taking it further with a Doft ICO crowdfunding campaign, starting with a Pre-ICO 2.0 with a 40% bonus until January 1, 2018.

Doft naturally adapted this concept to funding, allowing Doft’s users to be part of the project by contributing and receiving Doftcoins (DFC), which can later be used within Doft to pay for services and goods in Doft App for shippers and truckers, Load Board and Doft Store where Doft, being an authorized Garmin reseller, sells trucking related goods.


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