Two More Years In Prison For Ex-Secret Service Agent Who Stole Government-Seized Bitcoin

On Tuesday, former Secret Service agent Shaun Bridges was sentenced to two years in prison. In August, he pled guilty to money laundering related to the theft of government-seized bitcoin.

On November 7, 2017, Judge Richard Seeborg of the US District Court for the Northern District of California sentenced Shaun Bridges to two years in prison and ordered forfeiture of 1500 bitcoin and fiat currency worth approximately $10.4 million. In August, Bridges pleaded guilty to the charge.

In December 2015, Bridges was sentenced to 71 months in federal prison for the theft of government-seized bitcoin during the infamous Silk Road Investigation. The disgraced former Secret Service agent had not yet begun serving the sentence, when he was arrested and brought up on the money laundering charges. Bridges stole approximately 1,600 bitcoin – then worth approximately $359,005 (present value: $11.5 million) from a government-owned wallet.

The sentences will be served consecutively.

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