With Hundreds Of Amazing Entries, Shibarium Had To Deal With Shytoshi Kusama

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According to Shytoshi Kusama, chief developer of Shiba Inu, there have been several thousand projects that have expressed interest in collaborating with Shibarium.

Pseudonymous Shytoshi Kusama is the key developer behind a number of projects that are very well recognized. It comprises both the token of the Shiba Inu and the Shibarium.

It has informed each and everyone taking part in the open debate on Shibarium’s Telegram channel. It pertains to the many different projects that are currently being worked on.

The company has communicated its desire to collaborate with Shibarium. It’s done by letting the SHIB team know they’re interested.

On Friday, Shytoshi Kusama tweeted a new tweet in which it appeared as though dropping a hint. The liberation of the Shibarium is getting very close to being finished. The last touches are currently being put on the preparations.

Shytoshi Kusama posted a link to Spotify on his Twitter account, along with the statement “on repeat as we complete it.”

This sentence indicates that the song will be playing nonstop. Until such time as the assignment was finished. Shytoshi Kusama thanked the public for the tens of thousands of donations that were received and expressed his gratitude.

The Intake Form Received “Thousands of Submissions”

It has come to our attention that the SHIB army is currently in a stronger position, and “much stronger with Shibarium. “Kusama made the decision to provide some further information regarding the imminent release of the Shibarium Beta.

Shytoshi Kusama repeated that “everyone is invited to Shibarium” multiple times throughout the conversation. According to his statement, the Intake form, which was made public earlier this week in a post on Medium, received “some great submissions.”

The developer in charge of the Shytoshi Kusama project has stated that a few of the submissions were made using the Template file. It has been described as “amazing,” and they have received praise for the high quality of their work.

As Shytoshi Kusama indicated earlier, which emphasized the point, it came up during the course of the conversation. Shytoshi Kusama anticipates having more time to spend with them in the coming days.

Very simply, Shytoshi Kusama has more free time to do it. Kusama emphasized that each and every application that has been filed is now being reviewed by the staff.

It has been approved, and verification has been supplied that the responses to applications are currently in the process of being drafted.

This following weekend, it will be mailed out as a reward for the successful completion of the project. Considering that it was completed successfully, it is now complete.

In addition to that, Shytoshi Kusama offered an explanation for the lengthy silence that Shytoshi Kusama had maintained. This is due to the fact that Kusama has collaborated with numerous teams over the span of his professional life.

Updating Shibarium Beta and the Shytoshi Kusama Metaverse

Shytoshi Kusama must ensure that timely updates are made to the Shibarium Beta version on a regular basis. Shytoshi Kusama must face the responsibility alone.

This is for the Shiba Inu Metaverse, which is working hard to get ready for the grand opening of its WAGMI Temple hub. This is relevant to the Shiba Inu Metaverse.

The gathering will take place in course of the SXSW event that will take place later on in the year. Shytoshi Kusama placed a high priority on the fact that it matters to be brought to everyone’s attention.

After Shibarium has had a successful debut, I want to bring it to your attention. Shibarium has decided to make the decentralized exchange (DEX) Shiba Swap its official DEX. Shiba Swap is an exchange that works across several chains.

The idea that Shytoshi Kusama stressed the significance of being explicit is evidence of this. Rather, it is proof that this is the case. After that, Shytoshi Kusama offered the following explanation: “Just in case that wasn’t obvious.”

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