When Blockchains Go Down: Why Crypto Outages Are on the Rise

It used to be that downtime was unheard of on blockchain networks. As new protocols and new trade-offs emerge, that's no longer the...

$6,700: Bitcoin Price Charts Bullish Reversal as Altcoins Surge

BTC has bounced back into bullish territory over $6,700 amid increased investor interest in altcoins. Source

Brazil's Largest Independent Broker Is Launching a Crypto Exchange

The parent company of Brazil's largest independent broker is setting up a cryptocurrency exchange, Bloomberg reports. Source

US Lawmakers 'Strongly Urge' IRS to Update Crypto Tax Guidance

U.S. lawmakers are calling on the Internal Revenue Service to provide clear guidance on how cryptocurrency-related taxes will be calculated. Source

Bitcoin Core :: CVE-2018-17144 Full Disclosure

CVE-2018-17144, a fix for which was released on September 18th in Bitcoin Core versions 0.16.3...

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Australia's Securities Watchdog Has Halted 5 ICOs Since April

Australia's securities regulator said late last week that it has halted five initial coin offerings (ICOs) in as many months. Source

Weekly Forecast: Bitcoin's Dominance Falls to Six-Week Low as Altcoins Lead Retracement – Hacked

HackedWeekly Forecast: Bitcoin's Dominance Falls to Six-Week Low as Altcoins Lead RetracementHackedContinued growth in the altcoin and token classes is indicative of a...

Crypto Stability: Tether And The Rest – Tether USD (Cryptocurrency:USDT-USD)

Stablecoins suddenly seem to be all the rage in crypto. Might that have to do with the bear market and near-collapse of...

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